Joel Rothschild
Internationally recognized, award-winning, best-selling author
"Joel's life & wisdom are rare and special gifts for the entire world" - Valerie Harper

"I will treasure Signals's written from the heart." -- Elizabeth Taylor

"I found Joel's book both hopeful and strengthening to my own shaky beliefs." -- Olympia Dukakis
"Signals is a bright Beacon....a testament to love's infinite power" -- Marianne Williamson "I urge you to read this wonderful and inspiring book" -- Brian Weiss, M.D. and Best-Selling Author
"Signals is a most remarkable book and wonderful proof that the field of all possibilities exists and that within it we are never apart from those we love." - Deepak Chopra, MD author Joel's book Hope contains great wisdom that can help us all deal with any of life's difficulties"
-- Bernie Siegel, M.D. and Best-Selling Author

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"Signals makes visible the invisible world that surrounds and supports us all. An eye witness report it speaks to the skeptic and believer alike, it offers Hope and joy to all."
Julia Cameron, Best-Selling author of The Artist's Way
"Joel's book is a testament to the lights of love that shine in the darkest nights of loss and suffering waking us up to a universe of grace and wonder"
Joan Borysenko, Best-Selling author of Fire in the Soul
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